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ENG_VMware vSphere+ Overview (HOL-2311-92-ISM)

Lab Modules

Num Title Time Level
1 Download, Deploy, Configure Cloud Gateway Appliance 15 min B
2 Cloud Gateway Connection and vCenter Registration 15 min B
3 Convert Licenses to Subscription, Tanzu Inventory, and Create VMs 15 min B
4 Infrastructure Operations 15 min B
5 Upgrading vCenter from VMware Cloud 15 min B
6 Desired State Configuration 15 min B

한글_Virtualization 101 (HOL-2210-01-SDC)

Lab Modules

Num HOL-2210-01-SDC Time Level
1 Introduction to Management with vCenter Server 60 B
2 Introduction to vSphere Networking And Security 60 B
3 Introduction to vSphere Storage 60 B



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